Dr. Peter Meyer

Specialist Attorney for Employment Law

There’s no use saying, ‘We are doing our best.’ You’ve got to succeed in doing what is necessary.

Winston Churchill

Peter Meyer advises employers, companies, universities, public sector and church employers in all Areas of individual and collective employment law since 1991.

He supports on issues related to the recruitment and hiring of personnel, conception and drafting of employment contracts, data protection, modification and termination of employment relationships as well as the appointment and dismissal of board members.

Furthermore, he implements reorganisations and restructuring objectives of his clients (e.g. business alterations, transfer of business, outsourcing, staff reductions) and represents them on all works constitution issues such as negotiations on the reconciliation of interests, social compensation plan negotiations and conciliation committee proceedings. In addition, he drafts and negotiates works council agreements, for example on working conditions, data protection and compliance issues, as well as collective (company) bargaining agreements.

At the same time, he advises small and medium-sized enterprises on all other common issues and problems in employment law on a daily basis.

Peter Meyer regularly supports managers and executives, especially in separation situations and when changing employments.

With the same competence and commitment, Peter Meyer naturally also advises and represents employees, commercial agents, consultants and freelancers on all labour law issues.

Peter Meyer leads negotiations to settle disputes outside of court or, if necessary, through all judicial instances.

As a lecturer, Peter Meyer regularly conducts training courses and seminars on a broad range of employment law topics.

Peter Meyer was born and raised in Rietberg/ Westphalia in 1962 and studied law in Heidelberg and Berlin from 1983 to 1988. During his legal apprenticeship in Berlin and Milan/Italy from May 1988 to January 1991, Peter Meyer was a research assistant at the law faculty of the Free University of Berlin.

In 1993, he obtained his doctorate under Prof. Dr. Klaus Adomeit at the Free University of Berlin on employment law.

Peter Meyer has been admitted to the bar in Berlin in 1991. In 1997 he obtained his certification as a specialised attorney for labour law (Fachanwalt für Arbeitsrecht).

After practicing criminal and employment law in a law firm specialised in these areas of law, Peter Meyer and Axel Weimann founded their own law firm in 1997 which continues to be run by the two attorneys as Weimann & Meyer.

Since 2001 Peter Meyer has been a member of the so called Committee for the Recognition of the Specialist Attorneys for Labour Law at the Berlin Bar Association.

Peter Meyer has become a member of the board of the German Bar Association’s Labour Law Working Group in 2017.

He is also a member of the German and the Berlin Bar Association.